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Always with you. We are authorised valuers to prepare evaluation reports to the highest standards. We make a common effort to properly evaluate your company, movable property, real estate or even intangible assets.

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Laurențiu Stan

Company Founder

EI| EPI | EBM | Ve


Anuța Stan

Company Founder

EI | EPI | EBM | Ve


The assessment made correctly provides financial security

The assessment of the goods is the activity of estimating the value materialised in a document called an evaluation report, carried out by an authorised assessor in accordance with the specific standards of this activity and with professional ethics. 


To maintain the quality of evaluation services, we invest thoroughly in the professional training of team members. More than 60 authorised evaluators, mostly seniors in the field, have joined the common goal - FairValue

FairValue Team

Authorised evaluators may be of several categories, depending on their specialisation: 

EI – Business, Business Fund And Other Intangible Assets Assessments
EPI – Real Estate Assessments
EBM – Mobile Asset Assessments
EIF - Evaluation of financial instruments
VE - Verifications of evaluation reports

You're in good hands!

We are the reliable partners of the best known banks in Romania for business assessment, housing, land, cars, hotels and many other goods.

Relax, we also have:


Conducting our business across the whole territory of Romania, we managed to significantly minimize the delivery time. FairValue evaluators are ready to quickly and efficiently take on any request, regardless of the complexity of the project or the geographical area you are in.



We have developed digital tools in our years of activity that facilitate the volume and improve the quality of evaluation reports. We use automated processes from property inspection to reporting. Thus the evaluation process works at high speeds.


Overall assessment for banking institutions

The most important banks in Romania chose FairValue. We reduce costs and delivery time periods for the benefit of banking institutions. We use statistical valuation models that allow us to assess the banks' portfolios of real estate collateral, providing greater efficiency to the valuation process, lower costs and faster delivery.


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Rank among the best with the most innovative, responsible and efficient ratings company in the country.

As an investor we had the numbers and concepts, we had the plan, but we didn't understand the importance and role of the evaluation. We found in the FairValue team people who know how to do their job, professionally and discreetly, with well-established steps from the beginning, with assumed and respected terms. To the questions they asked during the evaluation, I found useful answers for myself, and i finally understood how important evaluation is in an investment project.

Andrei Chirițoiu
General Manager, Retail Development Consulting SRL
We have requested fairValue's professional evaluation services for the evaluation of a property owned by us. We were very pleased that we met a team of professionals, prompts, who helped us with the evaluation of the building in a quick and convenient way. Over the course of just a few days, they visited the location and prepared the valuation report that helped us identify the market value of the property owned and which formed the basis of negotiations with potential buyers.
Robert Bene
TheAutoExperience Romania
I appreciate in working with FairValue the promptness, professionalism and respect of the promises made. I can count on them when I need an informed opinion in complicated situations. I unreservedly recommend to my clients, both individuals and legal entities.

Elena Tutunaru
FairValue Support
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