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An accurate evaluation for financial security

Loan Guarantee

The need for additional funds, for support or business development or for personal purposes, causes most people to apply for loans.

Often loans from banks and other financial institutions are guaranteed by the debtor's rights to certain assets. As a guarantee, different types of real estate, machinery, equipment, shares, intangible assets may be offered.

Choose the safe path

FairValue evaluators across the country ensure that evaluation reports to guarantee the loan are prepared properly and operationally. In its more than 15 years of activity, more than 150 000 real estate and more than 50 000 machines and equipment have been valuated for this purpose. FairValue also offers regular revaluation services of collateral in the portfolio of banking institutions in accordance with legal regulations.

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Necessary documents
Real Estate:
  • the document certifying the ownership of the valued asset
  • extract from the Land Registry recently - cadastral documentation targeted at the ANCPI
  • valid urbanism certificate in the case of free construction land
  • lease, if applicable
  • land concession contract, if applicable other specific documents depending on the type of property assessed (permits, permits, etc.)
  • the document certifying the ownership of the valued asset
  • documents showing identification elements (inventory number, serial number, etc.) and the physical and technical characteristics of the asset (fixed asset sheet, identity card, technical card, registration certificate, etc.)
  • information on the operation regime and conditions, current / capital repairs, accidents other specific documents, depending on the type of good valued
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