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An accurate evaluation for financial security
Security and security issues
Cookies use text-only formats and are not made up of pieces of code, which is why they cannot be executed, nor can they auto-run. Consequently, they cannot duplicate or replicate on other networks to run or replicate again.

In general, browsers have integrated privacy settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, period of validity and automatic deletion after the user has visited a particular Site.

The name "Relume" is born.

Other security aspects related to cookies
Because identity protection is very valuable and represents the right of every Internet user, it is advisable to know what possible problems cookies can create. Because through them, information is constantly transmitted in both ways between the browser and the website, if an attacker or unauthorized person intervenes in the data transmission path, the information contained in the Cookie can be intercepted.

Other Cookie-based attacks involve wrong cookie settings on servers. If a website does not require the browser to use only encrypted channels, attackers can use this vulnerability to mislead browsers into sending information through unsecured channels. Attackers then use the information for purposes of unauthorized access to certain Sites. It is very important to be careful in choosing the most appropriate method of protecting your personal information.

The name "Relume" is born.

Contact details
For additional information or to exercise your rights, as a data subject, as described in the Privacy Policy, which you can find on the Site, or you can contact us at any time at the following postal address FAIRVALUE CONSULTING SRL, based in Bucharest Sector 2, Str. Sfantul Spiridon nr. 7 or at the electronic correspondence address
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