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A leader on the Romanian evaluators market, FairValue has managed to gather an impressive number of evaluations in its portfolio. The company's figures today represent more than 150,000 evaluations carried out in all areas. More specifically, goods of more than 15 billion euros or 7% of Romania's GDP.


Fifteen years ago we hit the road with a laptop, a computer and an ink printer, and the living room of the apartment we were living in was our first office.

After a year and a half of working among paper tops, folders, paper documents and ink cartridges for the printer, we decided it was time to rent an office space.

As the number of customers grew, we moved into larger and larger spaces: a studio, a three-bedroom apartment, only to stop eight years ago in the office at Str. Sfântul Spiridon nr. 7.

Anuța Stan
Our goal

The purpose of our company is summed up in just a few words: Fair assessment for financial security.

More than a name, FairValue is the foundation of the company's beliefs and practices.

We are aware of the responsibility that FairValue holds as a leader in the valuations market. Due to this aspect, we want our results to be correct in the years to come - With you.

Code of Conduct

Strengthened on the basis of professional and personal beliefs, FairValue is known as a close, ethical and professional company in both customer and partner relationships.

Our governance is the business card for the company's customers and partners.

We always devote close attention to any evaluation report. Moreover, dedicated evaluators ensure that evaluations are verified through the internal management app specifically designed for you.


The amazing performances of the last years are due to the theme's investment in the training of evaluators through specialized courses, but also to the common goal - Correct evaluation

Present on the market since 2005, FairValue offers professional valuation services and financial advice.

- valuations drawn up according to the Asset Valuation Standards
- ANEVAR corporate member (authorization number 20)
- company certified by asf (certified no. 99/16.06.2010) for the evaluation of companies listed on the stock exchange
- Regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)

Risk management:
-Individual policies for professional insurance of evaluators within the limit of 10,000 euros
- Insurance policy for the professional liability of the company within the limit of 2,000,000 Euros

Thus FairValue proves the ability to make informed, fair and impartial decisions.

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An accurate evaluation for financial security