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An accurate evaluation for financial security

Company Valuation

At the conclusion of a transaction, whether you are a buyer or a seller, an independent opinion on the value of the business is vital to make sure that you have made the right decision, knowingly, freely and without constraints of any kind.

Valuation of business and intangible assets

A professional business valuation provides its owners with an indication of the company's current value, determined by factors such as market competition, strengths compared to competitors, future opportunities, asset value or the value of expected benefits to be recorded in the future.

It is important to choose a complete and professional evaluation service for your business. At FairValue you can choase among senior evaluators in many fields of activity such as:

Energy and utilities
Information technology and telecommunications
Wholesale and retail trade, etc.

The valuation of a business may be required for various uses, including the sale of a share or the entire package of shares, the recording of the fair value of the shares in the accounts, mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange listing and delisting. Sometimes only the valuation of intangible assets belonging to a business is required.

Thus, intangible assets can be valued:

- related to marketing (trade marks, brands, unique commercial design and internet domain name)
- related to the customer (customer lists, outstanding orders lists, customer contracts and contractual and non-contractual customer relations)
- of an artistic nature (plays, books, films and music, protection of non-contractual copyright)
- of a contractual nature (licence and royalty contracts, service contracts or contracts with suppliers, leases, authorisations, broadcasting rights, service contracts, employment contracts, non-compete agreements and rights to natural resources)
- of a technological nature (patented or non-patented technology, databases, formulas, projects, computer programs, processes or recipes).

Proper evaluation?
Benefits for your business.

- better knowledge of own assets and liabilities
- a clear picture of the company's financial situation
- identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks
- a reference to the selling price of the business
- an important element in mergers and acquisitions
- listing the company on the stock exchange or delisting it
- resolving disputes between shareholders or associates
- a useful indicator in determining an optimal level of indebtedness

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Necessary documents
  • Articles of incorporation of the company, as amended
  • Financial statements for the last 5 years
  • Budget of expected incomes and expenses for the next 3-5 years
  • Depreciation plan for fixed assets
  • Statement of loans contracted (including leasing)
  • Rental contracts, management location, concession, lease and leasing - Labor force used, its qualification and competence, persons in the management of the company
  • List of trademarks and patents belonging to the company
  • Stock situation of raw materials, materials, unfinished production, finished products and other current assets
  • Situation of suppliers and customers of the company, with amounts, at the date of evaluation
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