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An accurate evaluation for financial security

Valuation for trading

When you want to sell or buy a real estate or any other type of property, you want to have a starting point in the future negotiation. Call an authorized appraiser to estimate the correct value of your asset!

An appraiser may be required to estimate the amount that could be obtained from the sale of a property, and the appraiser must use his skills and experience to advise the customer on the public sale price. This is a valuation for sale. In carrying this out, the appraiser will take into account all potential purchasers of that property in the specific real estate market on a specific date, as well as all similar properties available on the market. Following this analysis, the appraiser will estimate what price could be obtained from the competition between different potential buyers. A customer can request a valuation when they want to buy a property.

A purchase valuation should be similar to one for sale, but the appraiser will also take into account the buyer's intention to use it (for personal use – housing/conducting the business – or to obtain income from owning it).

In addition, when the transaction is carried out between two related parties, in order to be sure that the agreed price is a market price and to comply with the relevant legislation, it is necessary to properly evaluate the asset covered by that transaction. This type of assessment is usually required in the procedure for drawing up the transfer pricing file.

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Necessary documents
  • Documents specific to the type of property subject to the transaction are required for the assessment for this purpose.
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