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A day in the life of a valuator. Chapter 2: Green Space

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Anuța Stan

You may have figured out by now if you were interested in buying a house, that in some residential neighborhoods (i.e. row houses, those with access to the property very close to the road) the cadastral document for the entire complex is not enough.

Basically, in these types of neighborhoods, cadastral dismemberments of the land are made. Thus, a housing unit of this kind, a house, has the following:

– 1 extract of the land book of the construction (the house itself);
– 1 extract of the land book for each parking space;
– 1 extract from the land book of the back garden;

You wonder why? Because the parking space, garden and construction are sold with different VAT rates (for certain types of credit), and the transfer of the property to the notary is made clearly by different cadastral numbers.

Here is, further, a situation we faced last month:

The customer came to us after buying the property: a house with parking space and a green space with lawn, fenced, in which he had access only through the back exit from the living room.

During the inspection, the customer had the documents without the land card extract for the garden and for the parking space. Basically, he did not know that the contract he had signed with the developer did not include the parking space and the garden.

Since the developer was not there during the inspection, I spoke to the client and explained the status of the documents and what his options are from a legal point of view.

The client went to talk to the developer, who, in order not to give up the signed contract, offered him a discount for the price of the garden.

From experience we know that there are many customers who do not know very well the cadastre documents and rely only on what the developer tells them without being able to check exactly. In this case, I helped the client understand the documents he received and explained to him what he needed to be the legal owner of the land he bought.

So if you want to buy a house or apartment in the future, pay attention to the land book and if you're struggling, we're just a phone call away.

When we got out, I noticed a dig outside the fence. I approach and put the earth away with my hand. This is how I discovered the gas tank that had just been buried and to which the plant was connected to look like it was connected to the gas network:

Have you made any changes recently?
No, why?

I'm telling him about the cylinder I found. We gave up on continuing the evaluation and left, informing the client of what had happened."

Of course, the customer has given up the purchase, but the best part is that I helped him finally make an informed decision

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