An accurate evaluation for financial security

Purposes of evaluation

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Iulia Topal

"What is the purpose of the evaluation?" Surely you have been asked this question if you have called an evaluation firm to draw up an evaluation report. It is not for nothing that you were asked this, because depending on the purpose of the valuation declared by the client, the type of value that will be estimated is chosen. The elaboration of the evaluation report may be carried out at the request of any natural or legal person, of private or public law.

The purpose of valuation is in an interconditioning relationship with the type of value - the former will always determine the type of value.

Present on the valuation market for over 17 years, we have permanently increased our range of services in order to be able to respond promptly to any request received regardless of its purpose.

Currently, the FairValue team can prepare evaluation reports for the following purposes:

- Valuation for bank guarantee;

- Evaluation for financial reporting;

- Assessment for the taxation of buildings;

- Evaluation in the insolvency procedure;

- Valuation for sale - purchase;

- Evaluation for the increase of the share capital and for the withdrawal of the shareholders;

- Valuation for the capital market;

- Evaluation of collateral guarantee portfolios for compliance with the NBR requirements for periodic revaluation of properties;

- Evaluation of investment projects to establish profitability.

The more than 70 evaluators across the country, who make up the #fairvalueteam, are ready to respond promptly to any assessment request regardless of its complexity and geographical area. You can call with confidence, we guarantee for their professionalism.

For all our customers are important, that's why we always try to live up to the highest standards to provide them with a pleasant experience.

We are curious, you have turned to our evaluation services? If the answer is yes, please share your experience with FairValue to us. 😊

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An accurate evaluation for financial security